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Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 8:03PM
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As you probably know, I’m not a paedobaptist, but a credobaptist, so I’ve included one piece critical of paedobaptism in the links below. But to be fair, I’ve tried to make sure the pro-paedo pieces represent the best of the paedobaptist defenses.

The view that baptism is appropriately administered to “all infant children of believing parents”;1 also called covenant infant baptism.

Learn more:

  1. Jay Wetger: An Examination of the Rationale Behind Paedobaptism
  2. Robert Rayburn:The Presbyterian Doctrines of Covenant Children, Covenant Nurture and Covenant Succession
  3. Robert Reymond: Baptism
  4. Nathan Pitchford: Baptism - Categorized Scripture List (pdf)
  5. John Owen: Of Infant Baptism
  6. Greg Welty: A Critical Examination of Paedobaptism
  7. Joel Beeke: Why We Baptize Our Children (Video)

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1From Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem

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