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Because My Time Was Full

Once again, it was my turn to post at Out of the Ordinary. Things did not go as I planned yesterday (although they probably went as I should have anticipated they would) and I ended up reposting a post I wrote several (many?) years ago as a reading for my church choir christmas program.

In eternity past, prior to his first creative command, God had a plan for the history of his creation. At the very centre of his plan was His own Son, foreordained to redeem humankind from the ruinous results of sin. That God’s own Son would come as Redeemer was at the heart of God’s purposeful will—the plan that he invariably works in all things to accomplish.

It was a glorious plan, but a plan yet to be revealed and a plan yet to unfold in history.  And then, piece by piece, God’s word revealed his purpose, and piece by piece, his command brought it to pass.

Read the rest of In the Fullness of Time.

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