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Round the Sphere Again: Three Ways to Serve God

  • Give a greeting and smile. You never know how God might use it (Writing and Living).

  • Take a meal to someone who needs it. Judy at Mennonite Girls Can Cook has some menu suggestions

  • Give a gift to support, a website providing excellent online resources for Christians, and a site I use regularly as I put together my Thelogical Term of the Week posts. From John Hendryx:

    The Lord has been gracious to us through you for more than 12 years of ministry at Thanks you for all your continued prayers and financial support.

    As most of you already know the Lord provided the funding necessary in 2011 to initiate phase II of the website development of We thank the Lord for the generous donations of our friends and visitors to the site to make that possible. The work is already well underway to make all the 66 books of Scripture much more accessible.  We are eager to share with you the finished product which, Lord willing, will be done in two or three months time.  

    Understandably the economy has made donations difficult for many of you.  This is evident since we have fallen into the red in our normal fund raising budget by about $14,000 so far this year.  We need these funds to continue making an even better resource for visitors worldwide. 

    If you use the site frequently, and desire to see the influence of the content of grow, please take the time now to financial support us. if you are in a position to help for the first time, or to raise your monthly giving a little more, a gift of any amount would be much appreciated. 

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