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Round the Sphere Again: Books, Books, Books

A few recent interesting reviews….

A Resource for Parents
“What if a capable, recognized, and reliable theologian had learned by happy experience with his own family to teach Biblical truth to young children? And what, then, if he would put what he had learned in a book for other parents to use in the training of their young children?” — Fred Zaspel reviews Bruce Ware’s Big Truths for Young Hearts.

I agree with his recommendation.

A Collection of Letters
Several years ago Michael Haykin put together a short anthology of letters written by notable believers of the past about the subject of marriage. The letters provide interesting insight into a side of the Protestant Reformers, Puritans, and others that’s rarely seen in more traditional history books.” — John Aloisi review’s Michael Haykin’s The Christian Lover.

I just finished reading The Christian Lover and I recommend it, too. Husbands, it’s a little late to get this for a Valentine’s Day gift, but keep it in mind for future gift giving. Your wife will love it, I promise.

A Bite-Sized Biography
“The reader of this book will learn more than just who Reneé [of France] was; he will see inside the pastoral heart of Calvin, and get a good introduction to the French Reformation.” — Kim Shay reviews Simonetta Carr’s Reneé of France.

I haven’t read this book, but now I want to.

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