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Theological Term of the Week

A scribe or secretary employed to assist an author of Scripture or other texts by writing down what is dictated and sometimes helping with syntax and grammar.

  • From scripture:
  • I Tertius, who wrote this letter, greet you in the Lord. (Romans 15:22 ESV)

    By Silvanus, a faithful brother as I regard him, I have written briefly to you, exhorting and declaring that this is the true grace of God. Stand firm in it. (1 Peter 5:12)

  • From The Pocket Dictionary of Biblical Studies by Arthur G. Patzia and Anthony J. Petrotta:
  • Tertius is named the “writer” of Romans (16:22). Paul also employed other individuals, and he draws attention to the fact by commenting that he is closing the letter in his own hand. (cf. 1 Cor 16:21; Gal 6:11; Col 4:18; 2 Thess 3:17). Silvanus is identified as Peter’s amanuensis (1 Pet 5:12). This practice of using secretaries (Jer 36:4) may account for some differences in style and language in some NT letters attributed to Paul and Peter.
Learn more:
  1. Blue Letter Bible: Were Some of the Biblical Books Actually Written by a Scribe Rather than by the Named Author?

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