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Thankful Thursday

My days have been filled with simple fun: coffee on the front porch, impromptu blow-up baby pool parties, trips to the park, and more. I’m thankful for a few joyful summer days with my family. Several families I know are suffering right now, reminding me of God’s present and future mercies to me and mine. I’m thankful 

  • for near perfect summer weather, and a long spell of it.
  • for my front porch and what’s left of my May Day tree after the big winds a week ago.
  • for the son who sawed the tree up by hand and removed it from the lawn. I’m thankful for his willingness to do the mowing and weedwacking, too.
  • for my growing grandchildren—one learning to talk, one learning to walk, and one learning to sit. 
  • for the wildflowers in the bush and the lilacs on the bush in the yard. Does anything smell better than lilacs?
  • for what all this good weather is doing for my vegetable garden. I’ve already picked a little kale, and there are radishes ready, too. 
  • for my faith, such as it is. All faith, you know, even the “such as it is” kind, is the gift of God. I’m also thankful that “Help my unbelief!” is a prayer God answers. 

 What are you thankful for?

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