Rebecca Stark is the author of The Good Portion: God, the second title in The Good Portion series, a series written to encourage women to immerse themselves in the depths of Christian doctrine.

The Good Portion — God explores what Scripture teaches about God in hopes that readers will see his perfection, worth, magnificence, and beauty as they study his triune nature, infinite attributes, and wondrous works. 

Rebecca also blogs at Out of the Ordinary.


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Selected Reading

I read these recently and recommend them to you.

Theological Questions

Is Middle Knowledge Biblical? An Explanation
This explains what middle knowledge is—or what middle knowledge would be if it actually existed. 

(It’s the next piece in this series that will actually tackle the question of whether middle knowledge is biblical or not.)

What Does ‘Ex Nihilo’ Mean?
This is an excerpt from R. C. Sproul’s Truths We Confess, which has been revised and reissued in a single volume instead of the three-volume set I own. You can read this excerpt to get a taste this commentary on The Westminster Confession of Faith. I use it frequently and recommend it to you. You can order it here.

Biblical Understanding

5 Things to Remember When Helping Someone Read the Bible
This short excerpt from the ESV New Christian’s Bible identifies five ways we should read the Bible to deepen our understanding of it. 

Why Study Ezra
Because it teaches us that a new start is not enough, setting things up for Jesus’s teaching in John 3. “Nicodemus asked how he could start his life over, and Jesus told him, ‘You don’t need a new start! You need a new heart!’” 

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