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A Catechism for Girls and Boys

Questions about the Word, the Church and the Ordinances

127. Q. What two ordinances did Christ give to his Church?
         A. Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

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Sunday's Hymn: So Send I You

Today’s hymn is for Rosemary Schaumburg. (If you have a hymn you would like to see featured here as a Sunday Hymn, just let me know. I’ll see what I can do.)

There are two sets of words for this hymn, both written by Canadian hymn writer Margaret Clarkson. Here is the story behind the two versions of the lyrics in 101 Hymn Stories

Words as first written:

So send I you to labor unrewarded,
To serve unpaid, unloved, unsought, unknown,
To bear rebuke, to suffer scorn and scoffing-
So send I you to toil for Me alone.

So send I you to bind the bruised and broken,
O’er wand’ring souls to work, to weep, to wake,
To bear the burdens of a world aweary-
So send I you to suffer for My sake.

So send I you to loneliness and longing,
With heart ahung’ring for the loved and known,
Forsaking home and kindred, friend and dear one-
So send I you to know My love alone.

So send I you to leave your life’s ambition,
To die to dear desire, self-will resign,
To labor long, and love where men revile you-
So send I you to lose your life in Mine.

So send I you to hearts made hard by hatred,
To eyes made blind because they will not see,
To spend, tho’ it be blood, to spend and spare not-
So send I you to taste of Calvary.

Second set of words done years later:

So send I you—by grace made strong to triumph
O’er hosts of hell, o’er darkness, death and sin,
My name to bear and in that name to conquer
So send I you, My victory to win.

So send I you—to take to souls in bondage
The Word of Truth that sets the captive free,
To break the bonds of sin, to loose death’s fetters
So send I you, to bring the lost to me.

So send I you—My strength to know in weakness,
My joy in grief, My perfect peace in pain,
To prove my pow’r, My grace, My promised presence
So send I you, eternal fruit to gain.

So send I you—to bear My cross with patience,
And then one day with joy to lay it down,
To hear My voice, “Well done, My faithful servant
Come share My throne, My kingdom and My crown!”

I had to go old style for a You Tube video using the older words.

This one, like most of the recordings of this song, uses the newer words.

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Lessons from the Natural World

This morning I posted at Out of the Ordinary, starting a new series I’m calling Scriptural Lessons from the Natural World. Here’s my explanation:

I’ve been thinking about what we can learn from the natural world, and more specifically, about what scripture teaches us using what we know—or should know—from the natural world. It seemed like a suitable subject for a blog post until I began a list; then it became a suitable subject for several blog posts. So this post begins a series of posts on scriptural lessons from the natural world.

The first lesson? Nothing Material Is Permanent.