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Linked Together: Fathers

Two Tributes
to very different fathers.

  • Tom Ascol tells his father’s story: “In many ways the family in which I grew up would be considered by modern psychologists as ‘dysfunctional.’ Most of the difficulties that we had stemmed from my father and the demons that he fought his whole life. Like every other father who has ever lived, Dad was a mixture of blessing and curse. The latter was easier to see for the first three decades of my life. By God’s grace, the former has become increasingly apparent over the last half of my journey.” 
  • Wendy Alsup writes about her father, a dad whose character pointed to the heavenly Father: “I hope that my words about my dad will be an encouragement to all of us, whether you had a dad like this or not, because the best characteristics of my dad are the ones that are true for all of us of our heavenly Father.”

Mothers, Too?
Does Ephesians 6:4,

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

include mothers, too? (Bill Mounce)

Bonus link: Last week I linked to Kevin DeYoung’s T4G sermon on scripture, Never Spoke a Man Like This Before: Inerrancy, Evangelism and Christ’s Unbreakable Bible. Now I’ve found the longer version, an 11 sermon series on the doctrine of Scripture preached at University Reformed Church in 2012.


Heidelberg Catechism

Question 40. Why was it necessary for Christ to humble himself even “unto death”?

Answer: Because with respect to the justice and truth of God, (a) satisfaction for our sins could be made no other way than by the death of the Son of God. (b)

(Click through to see scriptural proofs.)

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Sunday's Hymn: Great God of Wonders! All Thy Ways

Great God of wonders! all thy ways
Are worthy of thyself divine;
And the bright glories of thy grace
Among thine other wonders shine.

     Who is a pardoning God like thee?
     Or who has grace so rich and free?

Pardon from an offended God!
Pardon for sins of deepest dye!
Pardon bestowed through Jesus’ blood!
Pardon that brings the rebel nigh!

O may this glorious, matchless love,
This God-like miracle of grace,
Teach mortal tongues, like those above,
To raise this song of lofty praise:

—Samuel Davies

The Trinity Hymnal has this to another tune, but this is the one I know. 

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Longing for More

“In this world,” wrote Benjamin Franklin, “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Electric Ben names two constants in our lives, and one is the ultimate reminder that there are no constants. Nothing, beginning with our own lives, lasts forever.

That’s the first paragraph of my post at Out of the Ordinary this morning. We’re discussing midlife issues this month, and since I’ve mostly made it through my middle years, I can look back and see some of the blessings. In this post I consider one of them


Thankful Thursday

Here are a few things I’m thankful for this week.

  • God’s protection for my grandchildren. We had one trip to emergency this week when youngest granddaughter, who just turned two, opened a supposedly child-proof bottle of children’s ibuprofen and chewed a few tablets. Thankfully, her mother discovered her before she ate very many, and the only treatment required was a glass of milk in the emergency room. The incident reminded me of God’s constant care and protection, keeping all our emergencies small (so far).

  • The sprouting seeds in my garden and the promise of fresh veggies later in the summer. And the rhubarb, which is ready for its first picking.

  • My church and the love she shows to those in need. For the younger people and immigrants who belong to my church.

  • God’s timing, which is always perfect, even when I feel like I’ve been waiting too long.