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It's the Gospel: October 21

The Apostles Preaching the Gospel
by Gustav Dore
We are celebrating the gospel with another collection of gospel themed posts:

Oh, how I wish every Sunday school teacher did taught the way Kim of Hiraeth does!

Dorothy of Field Stone Cottage shares another of her favorite gospel-themed hymns. She likes it, in part, because of

the reminder to share the warm truth of the Gospel by opening my heart and sharing the love of God “everywhere.”

At Adrian Warnock’s blog, you’ll find a quote from Martyn Lloyd-Jones that summarizes the gospel.

Update: Ann at Whatever Things posts some gospel verses.

And me? First, in this week’s theological term post, I defined—what else?—the gospel. I also quoted from Terry Stauffer’s gospel-rich funeral address for his daugher Emily.

At Rebecca Writes, we’re celebrating the gospel during the month of October. Twice a week, at least, I’ll be posting something pertaining to the gospel, which, in a nutshell is the good news that Jesus Christ died for our sin and was raised from the dead, so that through faith, we are united with Christ and receive every blessing merited by his work. Still not sure what the gospel is? There are a few links in this post that might help.

As always, you are invited to participate with me. On Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the month, I’ll post a collection of links to gospel related posts. If you post a quote, verse, poem, story, book review, or essay, etc. on a subject connected in some way to the gospel, send me an email with your link (You’ll find the address by clicking the contact button in the sidebar.) and I’ll link back to your post (or posts) on the next Tuesday or Friday. There are no limits, really, on the form or number of your post, just the subject. You may want to to contribute a link to a post on someone else’s post, too, and that’s okay by me.

I’ll be posting the next round up of gospel themed posts will be Friday, October 24.

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