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Round the Sphere Again: Five

Five spiritual symptoms that are commonly misdiagnosed:

  1. Remorse misdiagnosed as repentance.
  2. Selfish ambition misdiagnosed as God’s direction.
  3. Rebellion misdiagnosed as spiritual drought.
  4. Attendance misdianosed as holiness.
  5. Discipline misdiagnosed as persecution.

 Read the explanations of these points at The Cripplegate.

Five good reasons not to tweet the sermon:

  1. Tweeting suggests that the sermon is as much for the global church as the local church.
  2. Tweeting changes your focus from yourself to others.
  3. Tweeting reduces a sermon to it’s tweetability. 
  4. Tweeting is two-way.
  5. Tweeting distracts people around you. 

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