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Linked Together: Scripture

A Verse
Romans 8:32 says this,”He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?” So what are the “all things” that come with the “love of the Father expressed in the sacrifice of the Son”? Derek Thomas answers — and it’s good news.

A Passage
Have you noticed the double brackets in the ESV that surround John 7:53–8:11? Those double brackets mean that the ESV’s translation committee does not consider this passage to be original to John’s Gospel.” Because this passage is not original to John’s Gospel, Jim Hamilton argues it should be in a footnote.

A Book
I’m always looking for new books to add to my list of books of theology every Christian woman should read, and this one looks like a good candidate.

Update 1: Tim Challies reviewed it today, too.

Update 2: Here’s a study guide for it (pdf) from Westminster Books.


Heidelberg Catechism

Question 31. Why is [Jesus, the only Saviour,] called “Christ”, that is, Anointed?

Answer: Because he is ordained by God the Father, and anointed with the Holy Spirit, (a) to be our chief Prophet and Teacher, (b) who has fully revealed to us the secret counsel and will of God concerning our redemption; (c) and to be our only High Priest, (d) who by the one sacrifice of his body, has redeemed us, (e) and who continually intercedes for us before the FAther; (f) and also to be our eternal King, who governs us by his word and Spirit, and who defends and preserves us in the salvation he has purchased for us. (g)

(Click through to see scriptural proofs.)

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Sunday's Hymn: O That I Had Ten Thousand Voices

These are the words found in most Lutheran hymnals. The words in the Trinity hymnal are the same for verse 1, but are completely different for the rest of the hymn. I’m posting the Lutheran words sung by the quartet in the video below. I like the Lutheran version better because it contains praise to all three persons of the Trinity instead of just the Father, and is full of the gospel truth.

O that I had a thousand voices
To praise my God with thousand tongues!
My heart, which in the Lord rejoices,
Would then proclaim in grateful songs
To all, wherever I might be,
What great things God has done for me.

Dear Father, endless praise I render
For soul and body, nobly joined;
I praise you, Guardian kind and tender,
For all the daily joys I find
So richly spread on ev’ry side
And freely for my use supplied.

I praise you, Savior, whose compassion
Has brought you down to ransom me.
Your pitying heart sought my salvation;
You bore the cross triumphantly,
Brought me from bondage full release,
Made me your own, and gave me peace.

Glory and praise, still onward reaching,
Be yours, O Spirit of all grace,
Whose holy pow’r and faithful teaching
Give me among your saints a place.
Whatever good by me is done
Is worked by grace divine alone.

Shall I not then be filled with gladness?
Shall I not praise you evermore
And triumph over fear and sadness,
Although my cup of woe runs o’er?
Though heav’n and earth shall disappear,
Your endless love is ever near.

—Johann Mentzer

Other hymns, worship songs, sermons etc. posted today:

Have you posted a hymn (or sermon, sermon notes, prayer, etc.) today and I missed it? Let me know by leaving a link in the comments or by contacting me using the contact form linked above, and I’ll add your post to the list.


Out of Nothing

I posted about the creation of the universe at Out of the Ordinary today.

Undergirding the existence of everything is God’s will (Revelation 4:11). God decided to create the world, not because of any need he had, but because he had a purpose he wanted to accomplish through it. He wanted to show his own glory through the things he made (Romans 11: 36Psalm 19:1). 

Based on his free choice to create the universe, God simply spoke, and the universe appeared. “Let there be,” he said, and there was. He called out things that didn’t exist and so they began to exist (Romans 4:17).

Here’s a secret: I may be working on a whole series of posts on things every Christian woman should know. I didn’t announce it because I didn’t want to promise what I couldn’t or wouldn’t finish. The idea for the series came from Tim Challies.

The first post is on the True Woman blog and the rest have been posted at Out of the Ordinary

  1. God Has Spoken
  2. God Is Three and God Is One
  3. God Is Who He Is
  4. God Had a Plan
  5. God Created the Universe

Next up will be a few posts about us, like how we are made in God’s image and how, every one of us, is a sinner. 


Status Report: April

Sitting…at my desk.

Digesting…my supper, which was, ironically, a farm fresh egg omelet using eggs laid by local chickens. I say ironically because I recently announced that this post highly annoyed me. I’m content to receive my food with thanksgiving and not ask too many questions about where it came from.

(What annoys me is making these things into “gospel” issues. The true gospel brings believers from all walks of life together and doesn’t set up new dietary “laws” to divide them. And I know believers who have different ideas about so-called ethical eating or food purchasing, and it does divide.)

Feeling…a little tired after a day spent with the grandchildren. We went on two long walks—one in the morning and one after naps. I am pleased that they love walks in the bush. Life with young children goes so much better when they spend big chunks of the day outdoors.

Noting…that my grandson is walking. He’s short little guy; that means he’s extra cute as he toddles around. I now have no grandbabies, only grandtoddlers. 

Wondering…when I am going to find time to finish painting the trim in the bathroom painting project I mentioned in last month’s status report. 

Anticipating…the end of winter. I’m hoping it’s this month. But as you know, I live in the north of Canada, so it might not come until the middle of May. 

Reading…this book. Yes, still. It’s a biggy, and I’m happy to report that I’m about two-thirds of the way through it. Also doing some reading as research for some things I need to write this month.

Remembering…that life, each day of it, is a good gift, and every minute of it belongs to God, who created time itself.

Hoping…you are enjoying spring even if I’m not … yet.